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Summer is here and if you have a pool, your utmost concern should be pool safety for your children and their friends.

Even with the strictest of parents who teach their children to avoid the pool without adult supervision and enlist their kids in swimming lessons, need to take extreme precaution. Most parents are well aware of the swimming ability of their children, but what about the skills of their children’s friends? It is important to remember that any child who comes to a person’s home is their responsibility.

The pool can be very enticing on a hot day, especially here in the san fernando valley, and kids wanting to splash or frolic might not have “pool safety” at the top of their concerns.  The only way to guarantee your kids will be safe from temptation is by installing a pool fence, glass wall or net to protect them.

All Safe is a USA based manufacturer that supplies various pool fences as well as covers, gates, and safety nets to the Los Angeles area with beautiful options for even the most discerning homeowner. They install custom mesh covers, automatic covers, leaf covers, pool nets and pool fences. Click Here for Gallery

With over 35 years of experience, they pride themselves on keeping children, as well as pets safe from pools, spas, and other water areas (such as ponds). Below is the ABC’s for Pool Safety:

A is for Adult Supervision:

Remember the no. 1 water safety rule: “Never ever swim alone!”

Always watch swimmers, especially at a public pool.

Hire a certified lifeguard for pool parties whenever kids are present.

Tragedies often occur when a caregiver is at home and there is a lapse of supervision.

B is for Barriers (for the pool):

The first line of defense is to install and use “Layers of Protection.”

Perimeter fences must be non-climbable, four-sided, and a minimum of 48 to 60 inches high.

Isolation fences must separate the pool/spa from the residence with openings no more than 4 inches wide so children can’t squeeze through the spaces.

Gates must be kept closed and never propped open.

Doors, windows and gates must be locked, self-closing and self-latching.

Tables, chairs and planters must be moved away from the pool.

C is for Classes (Swim Lessons and CPR):

Enroll children in proven swimming lessons until they have mastered the four competitive strokes, treading water, sidestroke and floating.

CPR skills have saved lives and prevented brain damage until assistance arrives. All caregivers should be required to become CPR certified.

D is for Devices (Poles, Ring Buoy, Rescue Tube, First Aid Kit and Cell Phone):

Keep a cell phone by the pool whenever you are there.

Post 911 emergency number, home phone number and address by a phone.

Purchase a lightning detector or get out of the water when threatening weather looms.

Drowning can be prevented. Contrary to what most people believe, drowning is a quick and silent killer. In the time it takes to get a towel (10 seconds), a child can become submerged. The majority of drownings occur in family pools.

All Safe Pool Fence and Covers can help everyone achieve the ABC’s of water safety. They sell and install certified pool fence systems for use around backyard swimming pools. Their fence systems are designed for child safety and meet or exceed all of the suggested fence guidelines for safety around the pool. Call them and get a free quote today! (818) 650-3685


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